Startups should think of the right fundraising strategy as early as possible – now more than ever!

working strong with sharp axe

Fundraising doesn’t start with an e-mail to potential investors. Entrepreneurs should only connect with investors after intensive assessment of their project, including having their business case challenged and validated from a critical outside point-of-view.

Founders are often focused on the development of their technology or assays and do not find the necessary time and resources for the fundraising strategy. Our CEO Pascal Winnen, who is also an Innosuisse accredited Special Coach for Fundraising and Investor Relations, often reminds our start-ups of the Chinese proverb: “Sharpening the axe won’t delay the work”.

Connecting with investors is like going for a job interview, it all starts with the entrepreneur herself! The first impression she leaves with the potential investor is key and probably influences the overall outcome. Scientifically driven founders need to think how to tell and sell their success story. The pitch deck is like a CV: it needs to be comprehensive and clear. Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd!

COVID-19 will most probably not have a positive impact for fundraising. This global coronavirus pandemic is new and a lot about it is still unknown. It’s hard to predict what the long-term economic impact of COVID-19 on the market will be. In the current situation, investors are expected to react more cautiously when it comes to early-stage and high-risk projects. We are already seeing that some investors are steering clear from the start-up financing space.

The bottom line: the situation in the stock markets is tense and uncertain. In these ambiguous times, start-ups need to plan for longer fundraising rounds and prepare accurately for their fundraising. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our start-up team if you need additional support.



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