LiVET Closes CHF 1.3 Million Seed Financing Round

Congratulations to LiVET for closing their seed financing round, led by a private investor, together with the Zentrum für Innovation und Digitalisierung Bernapark (ZID) and Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) who back the start-up developing a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test for infectious diseases in horses.

LiVET is a Swiss start-up with a profound knowledge and expertise in molecular detection of microorganisms. Their rapid molecular point-of-care diagnostic tests provide early and accurate diagnosis of widespread diseases in horses such as strangles, herpes and influenza. Its newly developed technology can carry out tests quickly and precisely, without complicated sample purification. Infectious diseases are feared by veterinary clinics, horseriding competitions or during the transport of highly priced sport horses. Spreading contagious diseases can trigger the requirement to quarantine horses. This may even lead to a longer-duration lockdown in a sector that employs over 100’000 jobs and can cause damage of several hundred million Swiss Francs. Currently, LiVET is already running pilot trials with several horse clinics across the globe.

LiVET gained significant international traction and has been selected among the 20 top animal health startups to present their rapid on-site diagnostic solution in front of the industry’s influential figures and investors.

Press Release Seed LiVET


Several HEMEX team members have a proven track record of working for many years in the animal health industry, supporting the development of veterinary medicines and innovative new technologies, which is why we have been supporting LiVET since its incorporation.