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Five promising Swiss startups pitched their ventures from the HEMEX Incubator to renowned Swiss and US investors.


Emovo Care SA is an EPFL spin-off, founded in 2020, developing Emovo Hand – the world’s 1st portable hand orthosis to support care-at-home after a stroke. Based on patent-protected soft robotics technology developed at EPFL, the product provides a natural sensation of moving the hand to hemiparetic stroke patients – to practice functional, comfortable, and intensive exercises at home. Compared to existing solutions, Emovo Hand’s has the additional feature of actively opening the hand – an indispensable function for stroke survivors. Emovo’s connected solution will enable to motivate and measure patients’ progress – to maximize the outcome of care and create value for patients, clinicians, and health insurances.


ASPIVIX SA is a medical technology company specializing in Women’s Health, co-founded by three seasoned experts: a gynecologist, a medtech engineer, and a business leader. CAREVIX™ is a next-generation atraumatic cervical device used in gynecological procedures requiring uterus access. A proprietary vacuum & suction-based technology is used to reduce pain, eliminate bleeding, and tissue tear endured by 80 million women worldwide every year during common procedures such as intra-uterine device insertion and hysteroscopy.


HexagonFab Ltd is a Zurich-based startup, founded in 2018. HexagonFab’s team has developed a new generation of biosensors for rapid and highly sensitive analysis of biomolecules like antibodies, proteins, and small molecules. This award-winning technology, based on graphene nanomaterial, allows pharmaceutical researchers and production staff to monitor biomolecule quality directly at the production line, which offers a $1B market opportunity.


STIMIT AG is a medical device startup founded in 2018 based on a clinical need identified by intensive care and healthcare professionals. A fully functional prototype and physiological proof-of-concept has been developed by the team. STIMIT is using non-invasive technology to stimulate the core breathing muscle (diaphragm) of ventilated intensive care patients. Fifty percent of these patients have significantly weakened breathing muscles after a few days of ventilation, which leads to difficult recovery and oftentimes death. 


PreComb Therapeutics AG, founded in 2018, is developing the first point-of-care solution for clinically relevant drug testing, leveraging patient-derived 3D microtissues for drug development and precision medicine. The 3D3 technology has been tailored to meet the critical requirements for the industrialization of patient-specific functional drug testing. 3D microtumors that reflect the original cell composition and microenvironment are produced from small amounts of tissue to generate a high number of drug efficacy data. 


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