Fighting COVID-19 with VirOmics Playground

BigOmics’ platform to win the battle against coronavirus is called VirOmics Playground. It analyzes and visualizes biological data for COVID-19, and it is accessible to everyone!


Open data can play a big role in understanding how pandemics works because it provides crucial insights about the patterns behind the data. BigOmics Analytics launched a special edition of their platform at the beginning of the pandemic called VirOmics Playground, dedicated to analyzing COVID-19 data. Since April, more than 5’000 users have visited this platform.

BigOmics Analytics are the creators of Omics Playground, a self-service analytics platform that allows biologists to perform complex analysis and visualization of data. The platform focusses on the interpretation of data, offering highly interactive visualization tools to understand it easily.

BigOmics’ mission is to help scientists visualize and understand their “omics” data, which is an approach that can be used when analyzing complete genetic or molecular profiles of humans and other organisms.

Nowadays, overcoming COVID-19 is one of the world’s top priorities. That is why BigOmics is playing an important role in understanding this disease, one of the biggest challenges in human history to date. VirOmics Playground provides scientists with easy access to an elaborate analysis of biomedical data by giving availability to various samples of previous infectious diseases with coronavirus such as MERS and SARS as well as the current SARS-CoV-2.

On this platform, researchers and specialists can easily and intuitively visualize big amounts of information. The kind of knowledge that could be useful in current studies to identify, among other things, potential drugs with antiviral activities, or genetic indicators for the development of vaccines.

BigOmics Analytics was founded at the end of 2018 as a spin-off of the Institute of Oncology Research in the southern part of Switzerland. A year before, they had won third prize in the StartCup Ticino competition for the best start-up idea with their vision to democratize big data analysis in life science research. In June they signed a partnership agreement with BC Platforms, and it has been selected for two accelerator programs in Europe (InvestHorizon) and the US (Alchemist)


Hemex is proud to support BigOmics. The start-up is currently raising money for its Seed Round. Are you also interested in contributing to a world of Big Data that is accessible to everyone? For more information, contact Pascal Winnen, our CEO, and he can explain to you all the benefits of democratizing omics data.



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