Let’s talk about Women’s Health

Women are generally known to suffer from more acute and chronic symptoms and use health services more frequently than men. Recent research highlights significant knowledge gaps in the field of women’s health.


“Despite medical advances in healthcare over the past decades, societ­ies are still failing women at key moments in their lives. Too many girls and women are still unable to reach their full potential because of health problems, gender inequalities, and inadequacies in the health system.”

-Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General WHO

In presenting the start-ups below, Hemex hopes to stimulate dialogue and draw attention to the innovative strategies our portfolio companies have developed. These ground-breaking solutions could lead to real improvements in women’s health around the world.


MOMM Diagnostics logoMOMM Diagnostics

MOMM Diagnostics is developing a new technology for the early detection of preeclampsia (PE). PE is a life-threatening pregnancy complication that can have devastating effects on the health of the mother and the baby. Every year, there are 75’000 maternal and 500’000 infant deaths because of preeclampsia. It is also a huge economic burden and a rapidly progressive condition. Therefore, early recognition of symptoms could save lives. MOMM Diagnostics is developing a fast and precise test that provides diagnostic certainty, and at the same time reduces healthcare costs. This new technology provides a novel solution to identify preeclampsia, quantifying low-abundant biomarkers from a single drop of blood.



Aspivix is developing the next-generation surgical instrument for gentle and modern gynecological procedures. The Intra-Uterine device (IUD) is one of the most cost-effective reversible contraception techniques, but the Tenaculum that is used in this procedure (to grasp and pull the cervix) is very painful and can cause bleeding, lesions, and infections. With Aspivix’s instrument, a gentle vacuum suction-pad is applied on the cervix to steady it during gynecological procedures. The pain is minimized, there is no bleeding, the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated and the whole experience is less traumatic. Moreover, an Aspivix survey showed that 95% of physicians would like a better device to significantly reduce their time and the costs associated with IUD insertion.


Inura Medical AG logoInura

Inura Medical is developing an innovative urethral suppository for women with Overactive Bladder syndrome (OAB). This highly prevalent and disabling health disorder has a huge impact on the quality of life of 20% of the female population. For instance, sleep deprivation, fatigue, nocturia, or memory lapses. Unfortunately, around 70-90% of the patients discontinue the available treatments because of their side effects. Inura Medical’s new, patented design suppository facilitates the effective penetration of drugs through the urethral mucosal lining. This new route of administration has greater therapeutic efficacy and there are fewer side effects. Moreover, Inura Medical’s technology will reduce healthcare costs related to the treatment of OAB. Thanks to its partnership with HEMEX, Inura can complete an entire development program until Phase 3 in which the effects of the oral and urethral administration of the drug will be compared.


Hemex believes that protecting and promoting women’s health for future generations is very important. We will continue supporting start-ups who have formidable value and innovative ideas. There are many ways you can show your support in the global effort to improve women’s health. If you are someone who is passionate about making a difference and pushing scientific discoveries in women’s health, help us spread the word! If you are an investor interested in the above ideas and products, please contact us!



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