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Community commitment should be something essential in every company that wants to make a difference in society. Here’s our suggestion to how you can help your community in Liestal


Hemex supports educational programs with a long-term positive impact. The SOL School for Open Learning emerged from the Freie Volksschule Basel (FVB). It was founded in 1982, and since 2000 is located in Liestal. With twenty years of experience, SOL’s basic attitude is the loving respect for life processes. When children and young people experience this basic attitude and adopt it for themselves, they acquire something necessary for the current times we live in: sustainability.

Sustainability as the process of maintaining a balance between the environment, the economy, and the social domain. Therefore, in SOL, not just the children and the young people, but also adults learn from each other and develop their vital forces to be part of a comprehensive whole. The aim is to contribute to a peaceful, solidary, and individual respecting society by promoting a sense of responsibility for the community and the ability to criticism and tolerance.



This unique school defines, assesses, and appreciates the performance of each student individually. In doing so, it takes into account the whole spectrum of human beings. Different forms of expression are considered, and both intellectual and artistic practical activities are reinforced.

If you would like to know more about SOL. The upcoming Info-Tag will be next Saturday 19th September, from 10 am – 15 pm at HANRO Areal, Liestal. For more information visit their website HERE.


 About Hemex

HEMEX is a private investment and consulting company headquartered close to the Basel global life sciences hub. Our primary focus is to bring innovative drugs, medical devices, and in-vitro diagnostics to the market. We specialized in supporting early-stage start-ups, offering tailored solutions to accelerate projects into successful and sustainable businesses. If you would like to know more about our work, you can find more information at HEMEX.

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