Registration open for de Vigier Award 2021

The W.A. de Vigier Award 2021 opens the registration period on the 1st of October. Start today to prepare your application for being part of one of the most prestigious awards in Switzerland!


The purpose of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation has been, since it’s foundation in 1987, to strongly stimulate business development and offer financial support to innovative ideas lead by committed entrepreneurs who would like to create growth-oriented businesses in Switzerland.

The foundation has allocated over CHF 11 million seed capital over the past 31 years. The great track record of the start-ups participating in the W.A. de Vigier Award is notable on their results; 90 motor-driven start-ups, successful IPOs, multiple company exits, and above all, many newly created jobs. The W.A. de Vigier foundation stone is their creative spirit and dedication to promote entrepreneurial innovation.

For next year’s award, the application period is starting on October 1, 2020, until January 4, 2021. Here are the most important points you should take into account if you are planning to register:

Who can participate?

The CEO of the company must apply and go through the entire process personally. All entrepreneurs need to:

  • be able to present an innovative, future-oriented product or service concept
  • be dedicated to their project full time
  • have already or are about to establish a Switzerland-based company
  • have their registered residence in Switzerland
  • are (usually) not older than 45 years

2. What are the criteria? 

The assessments evaluated are:

  • Founder and entrepreneur profile
  • Innovative character
  • Overall relevance in society; the degree to which it satisfies an existing need
  • Feasibility of the project’s realization from a
    • technical standpoint
    • financial standpoint
  • Chances of success on the market
    • size of the potential market
    • number of jobs created
  • Market competitiveness

The W.A. de Vigier Award is the oldest and highest endowed prize for start-ups and young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. With the annual prize money of CHF 500,000 (five equal prizes at CHF 100,000 each), these awards rank among the most highly endowed start-up prizes in Switzerland. If you would like to know a little more about W.A. De Vigier Foundation, click HERE


If you are looking for funding and visibility, don’t miss this opportunity! Complete and submit your application BEFORE 04.01.2021. Do you need help with the registration? Are you having trouble finding your seed financing? At HEMEX, we can help you find and get non-dilutive grants like this and many others; contact us at

We are very proud of our portfolio companies that have been part of the W.A. De Vigier Foundation award in the last two years. Last year Annaida, LiVET and Juvabis were in the Top16! Moreover, two years ago Sleepiz won a 50’000 CHF prize  at the 30th anniversary edition of the W. A. De Vigier Foundation! 


If you would like to register directly; HERE.


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