Swiss Innovation Challenge 2020 winners: Sustainability, antimicrobial resistance, and mobile technology

The winner of the SIC is AgroSustain, a Start-up aiming to reduce food waste and support organic food production. The second position is claimed by Resistell, which has developed the world’s fastest antibiogram, and the third position is for Help2type, who created a mobile keyboard for blind and visually impaired people. 


The Swiss Innovation Challenge 2020 Online Award-Winning Ceremony was aired live this afternoon from the empy hall at St. Jakobshalle in Münchestein. After eight months of contest, 100 innovative projects, and three Pitch sessions in front of a jury, AgroSustain were the winners of the challenge and ended up taking home CHF 20’000. The runners-up of the challenge were Resistell, who finished in second place and took home 5’000, and Help2type, who finished at third place and claimed CHF 5’000 as well. 

In addition to the Award Winner, participants can also win special prizes in the areas of Life Sciences and Construction. This year Resistell has received the special prize in Life Sciences while Tinamu Labs AG has received the special prize in Construction. HEMEX is a proud sponsor from the special price in Life Sciences, because we are committed to changing the future of healthcare by guiding the most promising European Start-ups through each step in their projects. 

During the challenge, the participants have had the opportunity to take part in free, user-oriented seminars and have had access to mentoring and coaching programs. The three Phases of the challenge are aiming to sharpen, prepare, and implement the business idea for the Start-ups. In addition to all these advantages, the participants also benefit from networking and publicity. 

We want to congratulate Rainer Maria Salzgeber for a formidable moderation of the ceremony, the steering committee for a magnificent organization of the event, the finalist Star-ups for a well-deserved recompensating price, and all the participants of the challenge! During these last eight months, we have had the opportunity to attend the three Pitch sessions of the SIC, and we are delighted with the high-level projects on the Start-up ecosystem. 


The Winners of the Night: 

About AgroSustain (Award Winner) 

A one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection. They aim to reduce food waste and support organic food production by developing farm to fork solutions, like biological fungicides and coatings. 


About Resistell (Second position and winner of special price in Life Sciences) 

They have developed the world’s fastest antibiogram. Their Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing will be key in fighting the AMR crisis, as it helps to find the right antibiotic on time and reduces the spreading of antibiotic resistance. 


About Help2type (Third position) 

They have developed the first mobile compact keyboard for the smartphones of blind and visually impaired people to help them stay connected and continue to be part of the digital world. It can be very easily connected to the smartphone, and it’s flexibly attached to it! 


About Tinamu Labs (Winner of special price in Construction) 

Their technology enables the safe use of computer-controlled drones in all environments. Therefore, indoor flight routes for repetitive inspection tasks, inventory management, and surveillance can easily be defined and automated. 


About Hemex

HEMEX is committed to changing the future of healthcare by guiding the most promising European start-ups through each and every step to bring innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics to the market. Headquartered close to the thriving Basel global Life Sciences hub, the goal at HEMEX is to ensure start-ups have access to a wide range of tailored products, practical solutions and fundraising support. This empowers the next generation of transformative discoveries to grow into successful and sustainable businesses, and drive change in both human and animal healthcare. For more information, visit

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