Making history together – 2022

Eating healthier, regular exercise, or reading more books – many people use the New Year to tackle new projects or follow through on old plans. What’s on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2022?

For many people in Europe, the beginning of the new year symbolizes a fresh start. And for many, it’s the perfect moment to take on new projects, shake off bad habits, or to finally follow through on plans that they’ve been putting off for a long time. Frequently, these resolutions include things like healthy living and being more physically active. At HEMEX, we have also decided we want to make our own company resolutions. As you might have seen we have launched two new campaigns, they are just the start of what we have prepared for this 2022, but they also translate into our most important resolutions for this year, which are:

Focus on Women’s Health

Enhance our Diversity & Inclusion culture

Strengthen and grow our team

Increase our service offering to startups

Make more investments into promising future healthcare



HEMEX is committed to changing the future of healthcare by guiding the most promising European start-ups through each and every step to bring innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and in vitro diagnostics to the market. Headquartered close to the thriving Basel global Life Sciences hub, the goal at HEMEX is to ensure start-ups have access to a wide range of tailored products, practical solutions, and fundraising support. This empowers the next generation of transformative discoveries to grow into successful and sustainable businesses, and drive change in both human and animal healthcare. For more information, visit