Social Media Workshop with macu4

Earlier this year we held a social media workshop with macu4, amazing startup who makes trendy orthopaedic solutions. We had a valuable conversation about how beneficial it is to define, your strategy, brand awareness, or target group to grow and accelerate your business.

At HEMEX, we know that as a startup, if you want to grow and accelerate your business is it very important to have a strong social media presence. In today’s society, the use of Social Media has become a necessary daily activity. But, why is Social Media important for business, though? It is a great way to connect one-on-one with your target audience and maybe even encourage them into working with you. It is also a super way to create brand awareness and let the world know how much valuable your company is to the world!

We organized a Workshop with the startup macu4 in which we spoke about the benefits of developing and executing a social media strategy according to your company’s values, ethics, and vision/mission. macu4 is developing innovative trendy orthopedic solutions for people to get easy, fast, and gentle access to comfortable 3D printed devices. The work macu4 is doing is very important, as they are working to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Existing arm prosthetic solutions are often expensive, heavy, and uncomfortable. Therefore, the macu4 team decided to work on a customized product that will make innovative trendy orthopedic solutions user-centric with customized designs. At Hemex, we are committed not just to creating an inclusive and responsive work place, but also society. Therefore, we believe in innovative ideas like what macu4 is developing. We enjoyed the discussions we had about social media strategy, and we are looking forward to see which campaigns macu4 will present us this year!

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Written and researched by: Yaozi Moreno



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