Bringing Innovation to Dialysis Care and foster Home Dialysis

Our portfolio company Opterion Health AG seeks to enhance the quality of life for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and their loved ones, and to increase survival rates of ESRD patients. They launched their new website at the beginning of the year and have very exciting plans for 2021!

No more trauma on Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices

On HEMEX’s Investment Showcase today we tackled the pain, bleeding, and tissue tear that women worldwide experience when undergoing common gynaecological procedures. Our portfolio company ASPIVIX is developing the next-generation suction-based cervical device that will improve these traumatic experiences.

Online W. A. De Vigier Foundation TOP 60 Selection Day

This unique event has aired online throughout the whole day today. 60 start-ups have pitched their ideas at this impressive 2021 Selection Day. Some things don’t change even in the middle of a pandemic, and like every year, at HEMEX, we were very impressed with the projects presented. We are proud to claim that the swiss start-up ecosystem has a lot to offer to the world!

HEMEX announces new partnership with SMART-TRIAL

HEMEX is delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with SMART-TRIAL. Collecting and managing clinical data has been revolutionized for the MedTech industry and we are pleased that eCRF, eConsent, and more can now be done with confidence. This partnership enables us to provide healthcare start-ups with a complete range of packages to ensure conducting clinical trials, PMCF studies, and monitoring is made easy and affordable.

Artificial Intelligence To Monitor And Predict Treatment Adherence

HEMEX’s Investment Showcase featured today TOM Medications. The digital health company has developed the app that will make easier the lives of millions of patients with chronic diseases at an early stage.

The Pragmatic Guide To Reporting your Clinical Trial Results

The final 3 steps that will enable you to conclude your clinical development process. Find out how can you thoroughly REPORT your study results with HEMEX Contract Research Organization!