Our Go-To-Market program helps early stage health tech entrepreneurs develop a solid commercial game plan and raise faster, at a higher valuation.

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Program benefits

Time saving

Successful healthcare business models are complex to develop, validate and scale. We have consolidated 12 years of experience and  >100 go-to-market & sales scale-up projects in Switzerland, Germany and the US into a concise program offering you sharp tools and access to personalized coaching to develop your go-to-market strategy in a timely and cost-effective matter.

Own a solid GTM game plan

A go-to-market strategy that withstands investors’ scrutiny is not a nice-to-have. It is essential for closing funding rounds pre-revenue and prioritizing your R&D investments, because you cannot afford to develop product features that customers won’t pay for.

What you will learn

Module 1

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Who and where are your customers
  • What processes, applications or procedures do you intend to improve

Module 2

Value Proposition

  • What are your customer trying to achieve and what value do they attribute to your capabilities
  • How does that measure up with your competition and/or the status quo

Module 3

BM, Reimbursement, Sales

  • How can you turn your value proposition into a scalable business model
  • Who is paying for your product / service, and how should you sell it

Module 4

Value Proposition

  • Aligning business model with scientific, regulatory and product strategy
  • Turning your go-to-market strategy into an action plan

Meet your instructor

Valentin Christian Splett

12 years of experience in executive roles and consulting of life science / health care ventures.

Involved in > 100 go-to-market & sales scale-up projects in the US, Switzerland and Germany.

Drove & completed startup life cycle (launch – growth – exit) as CCO & co-owner of ETHZ medical device / robotics spin-off.

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