In collaboration with Peak Spirit


In collaboration with Peak Spirit


In collaboration with Peak Spirit

Validate, launch and scale your business.

The partnership with Peak Spirit allows HEMEX to offer full-service commercial enablement to startups and companies in the life sciences field.

Market validation

Transform question marks into validated hypothesis’, and information into actionable insights.


Develop and implement an effective launch campaign using our step-by-step blueprints and our vast network.


From outbound marketing to sales recruiting, we have an end-to-end solution for every sales scale-up challenge.

Our Go-To-Market program helps early stage health tech entrepreneurs develop a solid commercial game plan and raise faster, at a higher valuation.


Peak Spirit also has a rich library of useful resources about market entry, business model validation, case studies, and much more!

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Time saving

Successful healthcare business models are complex to develop, validate and scale. We have consolidated 12 years of experience and >100 go-to-market & sales scale-up projects in Switzerland, Germany and the US into a concise program offering you sharp tools and access to personalized coaching to develop your go-to-market strategy in a timely and cost-effective matter.

Own a solid GTM game plan

A go-to-market strategy that withstands investors’ scrutiny is not a nice-to-have. It is essential for closing funding rounds pre-revenue and prioritizing your R&D investments, because you cannot afford to develop product features that customers won’t pay for.

What you will learn:

Module 1

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Who and where are your customers.
  • What processes, applications or procedures do you intend to improve.

Module 2

Value Proposition

  • What are your customer trying to achieve and what value do they attribute to your capabilities.
  • How does that measure up with your competition and/or the status quo.

Module 3

BM, Reimbursement, Sales

  • How can you turn your value proposition into a scalable business model.
  • Who is paying for your product / service, and how should you sell it.

Module 4

Value Proposition

  • Aligning business model with scientific, regulatory and product strategy.
  • Turning your go-to-market strategy into an action plan.

Meet your instructor

Valentin Christian Splett

12 years of experience in executive roles and consulting of life science / health care ventures.


Involved in > 100 go-to-market & sales scale-up projects in the US, Switzerland and Germany.


Drove & completed startup life cycle (launch – growth – exit) as CCO & co-owner of ETHZ medical device / robotics spin-off.

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