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Are you running a fast-growing start-up that aims to market products or services in Switzerland and beyond? Proceed with caution, your company must comply with Swiss data protection laws and the latest EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). To maintain a good reputation and avoid substantial fines, ensure your organisation’s Data Protection Policy is up do date.

HEMEX understands company specific requirements surrounding personal data protection.

Our Customizable packages can be tailored to meet your company´s needs.

Initial Interviews

To assess your company´s level of compliance, we will conduct in-depth discussions and interviews with all relevant stakeholders (this could also include external parties) to report your current data protection status. We´ll then recommend potential measures. Finally, any further steps will be discussed and tailored to your company´s individual needs and requirements.

Our initial assessment forms part of all our packages.

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HEMEX ensures GDPR compliance for your company by providing all required SOPs, related templates, and policy documents. Our documentation package standardizes your company´s data management and protection processes and will guide your team through the necessary steps that are tailored to your internal procedures.


Employees need to be aware of their own data protection rights and how to legally store data from data subjects such as clinical trial volunteers and patients. By training your staff on the provided SOPs, we make sure they´re informed on GDPR compliance and know where to find the relevant information surrounding GDPR compliant data storage procedures.

The HEMEX team can work through those complicated forms and confusing documents. We promise to stand by your side throughout the whole process.

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Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officers (DPO) ensure, that an organization adheres to laws protecting individuals’ personal data.

Does your organization processes personal data or regularly monitor data subjects? If so, it is a GDPR requirement to have a DPO.

As your DPO:

  • We answer questions related to data protection from data subjects, ethical committees, or clients.
  • We give advice and recommendations to the organization about the interpretation or application of the data protection laws.
  • We offer a 24/7/365 mailbox & call center service.
  • We regularly check-in with you and reanalyze your data protection measurements, assess current risks and draw the institution’s attention to any failure to comply with the applicable data protection rules.
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As your start-up grows, your allocated DPO will continue to consult and support you surrounding all data protection matters.

Good to know

Combination Package

HEMEX can combine DPO documentation and training packages:

In-depth interviews with management, team leaders and stakeholders to assess which data protection measures are currently in place.

Preparation of a final report for your organization.

Tailor SOPs to your existing QMS.