We provide branding and design services that are user and business focused, based on design strategy and fueled by collaboration.

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Our Packages

We collaborate with you and your team to create effective designs that meet your business goals and benefit your brand.

Build your Brand

Your brand positioning is what the world and  your “prospective” customers feel, think and say about you. This is about how your Start-up is perceived by the audience. In this workshop we either create with you your very own Brand or more often we strengthen and develop together your Brand and company perception.

We will lay the foundation of your brand – understand its mission, your vision, start to build the brand ladder and a Single-Minded Proposition for customers.

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  • Implementation is optional
  • This 10 hour workshop is tailored for you and divided into 3 phases.
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Visual Identity

We work collaboratively with you to design an effective and unique visual identity that is rooted in your brand, vision and business goals.

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  • Logo design
    The visual representation that will identify your brand in the market. Includes discovery meeting with client (where client explains what the business is about and its goals), presentation of 2 design options, 2 round of changes, and final files.
  • Logo guidelines
    A document with specifications on the correct uses of the logo, colors, and its reproduction on print and digital media.
  • Visual system
    This complements the logo and is the basis to design marketing materials. The system includes: corporate colors and fonts, imagery and photography, and document templates. Includes discovery meeting with client, design of 2 stylescapes (moodboards), 2 rounds of changes, and final files.
  • Stationary materials
    Design of business cards, letterhead, document templates. Includes 3 templates, 2 designs variations, 1 round of changes, and final files.
  • Trademark registration
    A logo design is a form of intellectual property (IP) and it is also intangible and easy to imitate. Having your logo registered as a trademark gives you full ownership of your logo and protects it as IP. We can register your trademark in Switzerland and advise you on how to register it on more countries.
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Pitch Deck Design

You are passionate about your idea, now it’s time to present it to the world. With our vast experience in working with investors, we know what they want to see. We can work with you to design impactful pitch decks with clear messaging that will make your idea memorable in investors’ minds.

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  • Pitch deck design
    Clarification of the message and storytelling. Includes discovery meeting with client, visual design of layout and graphics. Custom design mockup with your logo or application. Engaging animations in PowerPoint. Selection, purchase and retouching of Stock images (optional). Delivery of final PowerPoint file.
  • Teaser design
    Document with the essence of what a potential investor needs to know about your idea (the problem, the solution you offer, its market benefits, market size, etc). This piece works perfectly as a give away to potential investors/partners. Custom design graphics. Delivery of final PowerPoint file and PDF file.
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Website Design

A well-designed website – every startup’s first visual identity,gets you noticed, makes you memorable and leaves a positive impression that resonates with your audience.

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All our website packages include:

  • Shaping your narrative: focus on content, copy and images
  • Support with website hosting plan (domain, hosting provider…)
  • Building and designing mobile friendly website
  • Optimizing website for search engines
  • Installing webmaster tools (security, traffic analytics…)
  • Implementing a website maintenance plan, technical support
  • Training for content management of the website.
  • Social media presence
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Basic Photography

Visuals have power. Your existing visual material can be taken from good to great.

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  • Package Clean up
    Credibility through visual consistency. Editing and retouching of existing team portraits or any other images for pitch deck or website.
  • Package Team Portraits Shooting
    Simple headshots with neutral background of your team to use in presentations, websites, or LinkedIn.
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