Are your company’s sales stagnating? Has a knowledge gap emerged within your organization? HEMEX can support your organizations knowledge management initiatives to restore your firm’s innovation strategy.

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Do you aim to grow your firm by launching an innovative product or service? HEMEX can assist you in developing, new platforms, novel applications or completely new from the ground up products. Strong innovation strategies can generate new IP which ultimately result in strong diversification opportunities.

Containing critical product or process information following the departure of a highly knowledgeable employee becomes a top priority. Our specialists can engage with your team to assess critical knowledge, support you in implementing a sustainable knowledge management system and conduct knowledge transfer to secure core-knowledge for your company.

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HEMEX can support your firm in developing novel product ideas, new technologies or in bringing new products to the market. To generate successful results, innovation requires a multidisciplinary team approach. HEMEX can add this heterogeneity to your team.

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Knowledge Management

HEMEX can support your organisation in a wide variety of critical knowledge assessments related to processes and products. Knowledge management tools offer a practical solution for ensuring companywide process safety and effectiveness.

We offer a sustainable way of protecting employee knowledge from leaving your company when a knowledgeable team member decides to move on.

Our system gives you the opportunity to simultaneously train new team members and update company knowledge with their new contributions.


We support you in:

  • Assessing critical company, processes, and product knowledge


  • Establishing and implementing sustainable and practical knowledge management tools


  • Knowledge transfer from existing to new employees


  • New employee training
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