We help you increase brand awareness, online presence, improve marketing efforts, increase sales, and create favourable point of view among stakeholders.

Market Research

You have a great product.

Is the market ready for it? Would you need to prepare the market for it? Can you make sure you “pick up the customer at the right place”?

The goal of market research is to deliver information that enables you to take the right critical decisions. This, based on the determination of e.g., market drivers, the market size, the competitors and their activities and the attitude of key stakeholders.

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  • We provide advice on your general market research strategy.
  • We can develop a lean strategy that answers the crucial questions and enable you to take valid milestone decisions.
  • We consult on appropriate methodologies to use, in order to get the right answers at the right time.
  • We offer to utilize our international network and to approach specialized agencies.
  • We offer to advice in the design of your research approach.
  • We have the possibility to conduct basic desk researches and we offer to conduct stakeholder interviews by trained experts.
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Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing thinking should reinforce every marketing activity that is undertaken. A concise marketing strategy is critical to commercial success. Your marketing strategy must be based on clear targets and objectives to create a competitive advantage that enables future success.

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A Marketing Strategy covers:

  • Your Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Your brand aspirations (qualitative and quantitative) for the next 12-36 months.
  • A clearly defined offering and your offering´s unique selling point.
  • Your target audience.
  • Your brand´s positioning and key messaging.
  • Your Marketing Mix (The 4Ps and 4Cs).

We are happy to help you with the development of your marketing strategy or to be be a sparring partner to you and undertake a sense check.

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Build your Brand

Your brand positioning is what the world and  your “prospective” customers feel, think and say about you. This is about how your Start-up is perceived by the audience. In this workshop we either create with you your very own Brand or more often we strengthen and develop together your Brand and company perception.

We will lay the foundation of your brand – understand its mission, your vision, start to build the brand ladder and a Single-Minded Proposition for customers.

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  • Implementation is optional
  • This workshop is tailored and will be held in 3 phases your time investment  10h.
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