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Designing, establishing specifications, prototyping, and running simulations are just some of the tasks which come up during the technical product development process. Thanks to extensive know-how and hands-on expertise, our seasoned engineers efficiently support your technical product development process and discussions.

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Prototyping and Mock-ups

HEMEX offers hands-on support in designing, specifying, testing prototypes and early-stage design options. We liaise with accredited testing labs to conduct engineering studies and verification testing.

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CAD, Simulations and Renderings

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D rendering form an essential component of the technical design process. HEMEX can support your CAD and rendering process right up to the stage where we can create a 3D-animated video of your products.

CAD drawings can be used for different simulation purposes, such as computational fluid dynamic (CFD) for fluidic paths, finite-element method (FEM) or mechanical load and thermal dissipation physics modelling. With support, your start up can accelerate its product development process and potentially omit real-world testing which could have a negative budget and time impact.

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Engineering Studies, Testing and Verification

We support you in selecting specialized laboratories for engineering studies, testing and verification testing of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics. In case of in-house testing, we support you with hands-on expertise and workforce for planning, executing and reporting on tests and studies. We support you, among others:

  • Test and study planning, executing and reporting
  • Rapid Prototyping and testing
  • Engineering studies
  • Material, parts and assembly testing
  • Verification testing
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