Hans, Paul & Pascal

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In our last diversity series, meet Hans, Paul, and Pascal. We are delighted to present to you today these three big legends at HEMEX. Hans is from Switzerland, and he is the most senior member of the team. We are so honored to work with him because his experience brings quality to our work. Paul […]

Stefan & Valentin


Following up on our diversity series, meet today Stefan and Valentin. They are two creators of innovation, and with their ingenious ideas, they have helped many companies to achieve their goals. Stefan is from Germany and Valentin from Switzerland. At HEMEX, we are thrilled to have them on our team because they strengthen our work. […]

HEMEX announces new partnership with QualityKick


HEMEX is delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with QualityKick. A compliant, cloud-based, and pre-validated solution for Quality Management in Life Sciences. This partnership enables us to provide healthcare start-ups with a complete range of packages to ensure no Quality Management System gets left behind.          

Vincenzo & Kira

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Another Friday of Diversity Series! Today meet Vincenzo and Kira. They are the newest additions at HEMEX and we are thrilled to have them on the team! Vincenzo is from Italy and has been working within the team for a month. He is a very diligent colleague to work with! Kira is from Switzerland, and […]