Tonight, You Will Sleep Like A Baby

Quality and comfortable sleep is vital for our well-being. Our portfolio company Sleepiz has developed a unique software and hardware solution to help people suffering from sleep disorders. Sleep disorders can cause a multitude of severe problems in your daily life. One common disorder is sleep apnea. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may […]

Reliable and Rapid Testing for COVID-19 with ender MASS

covid-19 drive through testing

ender diagnostics launches their second CE-certified COVID-19 test, which will enable rapid, and high-volume testing in schools, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and care homes. One of the essential elements for the control of COVID-19 is reliable and rapid testing. However, testing capacity is a significant global challenge due to shortages in healthcare services. Our portfolio company […]

Passport to Success!

HEMEX diversity series

Cultural diversity celebration at Hemex. We have recently increased our workforce because luckily, we are expanding.   “We embrace diversity because in the international environment that we work in, it just feels natural to be a multicultural team.” – Pascal Winnen, CEO of Hemex.     Diversity and inclusion are key words in our modern, […]

Hemex Organizes Successful Biotech/Pharma Online Pitch Event

Hemex Online Pitching Event Label

Today, Juvabis, Inura Medical, SunRegen Healthcare, and Saverna Therapeutics have pitched their ventures at the HEMEX incubator to an online group of renowned international investors.   HEMEX frequently holds pitch events, where selected start-ups get the opportunity to pitch in front of potential investors. Since June, we have been organizing online Pitch Events to ensure safety […]

Let’s talk about Women’s Health

Women are generally known to suffer from more acute and chronic symptoms and use health services more frequently than men. Recent research highlights significant knowledge gaps in the field of women’s health.   “Despite medical advances in healthcare over the past decades, societ­ies are still failing women at key moments in their lives. Too many […]

Fighting COVID-19 with VirOmics Playground

BigOmics’ platform to win the battle against coronavirus is called VirOmics Playground. It analyzes and visualizes biological data for COVID-19, and it is accessible to everyone!   Open data can play a big role in understanding how pandemics works because it provides crucial insights about the patterns behind the data. BigOmics Analytics launched a special […]

Online Pitch Event @ HEMEX

Hemex Online Pitch Event Yellow Label

Five Promising Swiss Start-ups Pitched their Ventures from the HEMEX Incubator to Renowned Swiss and US Investors    Emovo Care SA is an EPFL spin-off, founded in 2020, developing Emovo Hand – the world’s 1st portable hand orthosis to support care-at-home after a stroke. Based on patent-protected soft robotics technology developed at EPFL, the product […]

“100 fürs Baselbiet” (100 for Baselland) Supports the Federal Program for Innovative Start-Ups

The “100 fürs Baselbiet” (1004BB) initiative was launched in November 2019 by the three partners University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, FHNW), the State Bank of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft (Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, BLKB) and the Canton of Baselland. This popular initiative among start-ups in the region has been operational since the beginning of […]

Online Pitch Event @ HEMEX

Four promising Swiss start-ups pitched their ventures from the HEMEX Incubator to an online group of investors.    LiVET develops and produces rapid molecular point-of-care diagnostic tests for veterinary use. Based on their proprietary platform technology, veterinarians are able to diagnose infectious diseases on-site and within only 30 minutes for up to 16 samples at […]

Annaida Technologies In The Top 10 for the W.A. De Vigier Award!

After the Top 16 was announced by the W.A. De Vigier in March, now the Top 10 finalists for this year’s Award are published. The winners will be announced in early June! We are particularly proud to see our portfolio company Annaida Technologies in the Top 10 and wish them and all the Top 10 Startups […]