Our Portfolio

These start-ups are currently raising capital. Would you like to invest in highly vetted innovative startups? Contact us to find out more. 



Our Portfolio

These start-ups are currently raising capital. Would you like to invest in highly vetted innovative startups?

Contact us to find out more. 

AMT Medical develops a unique coronary bypass system. AMT’s technique enables the bypass surgery to be performed through small holes in the chest. This device has the potential to be the new standard, with lower costs for society, fewer complications, and a faster recovery for the patient.

Annaida Technologies logo

One in 10 couples experiences difficulties conceiving a child. Annaida’s patented NMR technology gives fertility doctors the ability to perform a fast, non-invasive and quantitative embryo screening, providing patients with an improved overall IVF experience.

The ARTIDISNet platform uses a nanomechanical sensor that captures the physical properties of tissue enabling the clinician to differentiate between benign and malignant tissue from biopsies in cancer patients in under three hours.

ASPIVIX SA is a medical technology company specializing in Women’s Health, which has developed a flagship product called CAREVIX™. This technology is  proprietary vacuum & suction-based. It is used to reduce pain, eliminate bleeding, and tissue tear during gynecological procedures requiring uterus access.

BioReperia logo

BioReperia, based in Sweden and Switzerland, offers a highly precise, humanized zebrafish model to the pharmaceutical industry, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of oncology drug candidates in vivo, getting results as early as within a week.

haako breathe asthma app logo

Haako’s holistic asthma management solution Breathe helps parents of children with asthma. Allowing parents to track and better understand their child’s condition, they can make informed care decisions that achieve better patient outcome for children and less stress to parents.

Swiss Startup Emovo Logo Fundraising

Emovo Care SA has developed the world’s first portable hand orthosis to support care-at-home after a stroke, the Emovo Hand. This product provides a natural sensation of moving the hand to hemiparetic stroke patients to practice functional, comfortable, and intensive exercises directly at home. Emovo’s connected solution will enable to motivate and measure patients’ progress to maximize the outcome of care.

ender provides rapid and reliable testing kits for acute COVID–19 capable of diagnosing multiple samples at once and within just 30 minutes. These tests can be used in hospitals as well as right on-site.


Swiss startup GeneLook Fundraising

GeneLook is a precision medicine and digital health platform bringing value-based healthcare to industry, providers, payers, and patients through our genomics/medical database. We are building the future of patient-centric medicine that enables chronic/rare disease patients to actively participate in their healthcare journeys through actionable insights and ultimate control over their data.

GeoHealthApp logo

geoHealthApp GmbH developed an App that has the potential to stop the spread of COVID19. An interactive map shows areas with high infection rates that can be evaded by the user. Based on anonymous smartphone location data and AI, users learn if they have been in contact with infected people during the last 14 days. The Beta Version has been launched in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and USA.

HexagonFab’s team has developed a new generation of biosensors for rapid and highly sensitive analysis of biomolecules like antibodies, proteins, and small molecules. This award-winning technology, based on graphene nanomaterial, allows pharmaceutical researchers and production staff to monitor biomolecule quality directly at the production line, which offers a $1B market opportunity.


Swiss Startup Inura Medical Logo Fundraising

Inura Medical developed a urethral suppository with an approved pharmaceutical agent to help patients  who are suffering from two highly prevalent and disabling health disorders: overactive bladder (OAB) and nocturia.

Hi-D Imaging AG aims to revolutionize the cardiovascular sector by making personalized heart valve replacement therapy a reality. The world’s first AI-based pre-operational planning platform that assesses different heart valves for the patient‘s specific anatomy before the surgery. This technology increases the life quality of the patient and the success rate of the surgery.

Juvabis AG is a spin-off from the University of Zürich and ETH-Zürich, focusing on antimicrobial therapeutic drugs. Juvabis’ most advanced program is apramycin for infusion, a “best-in-class” antibiotic. Apramycin for infusion represents the most successful program within the pan-European ENABLE pipeline of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative.


LiVET develops and produces rapid molecular point-of-care diagnostic tests for the veterinary market. Based on LiVET’s proprietary platform technology, veterinarians can diagnose infectious diseases and parasites directly on-site within just 30 minutes. The test kits run on commercially available devices that enables the user to test up to 16 samples at once. This allows for immediate and specific treatment. The first test panel for respiratory diseases in horses includes Strangles, EHV 1+4 and Influenza and will be available in 2020.

Swiss Startup MOMM Diagnostics Logo Fundraising

MOMM Diagnostic’s patented technology is used to early detect a biomarker for pre-eclampsia (PE), a pregnancy disorder that can have devastating effects on the health of the mother and the unborn baby. Affecting 5-8% of all pregnancies, pre-eclampsia is a rapidly progressive and potentially deadly condition.

Opterion is improving the quality of life of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients. They have developed a novel PD solution that is glucose-free and considerably decreases the metabolic and peritoneal challenge of diabetes patients.


PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals GmbH is developing a completely new concept for the treatment of periodontitis, one of the most widespread infectious diseases worldwide. PerioTrap aims to eradicate the root of the disease and to ultimately restore patient confidence.


PreComb Therapeutics AG is developing the first point-of-care solution for clinically relevant drug testing, influencing patient-derived 3D microtissues for drug development and precision medicine. With this technology the entire process of generating a high number of drug efficacy data can be fully automated, allowing the establishment of a clinical network and a scalable razor blade business model to finally guide therapeutic decisions.

Resistell logo

Resistell’s life-saving technology is based on the detection of movement caused by living bacterial cells and provides information on which antibiotic should be used to treat the patient, and the concentration at which it should be administered.

Swiss Startup Scailyte Logo Fundraising

Scailyte’s multi-disciplinary team is applying a data-driven approach to discover novel biomarkers and develop a new generation of precision diagnostics based on single-cell data and AI.

Sedimentum AG is a healthcare and tech startup developing the first contactless solution for fall and emergency detection in healthcare. This technological protection ensures the physical safety of people who are on their own without compromising privacy.

Swiss Startup Sleepiz Logo Fundraising

Sleepiz’s diagnostic device uses millimeter wave technology, sensor fusion, and machine learning to measure vital signs in a contactless and medical grade manner at home, completely changing the way disorders like sleep apnea are diagnosed.

STIMIT develops a non-invasive medical device that enables ICU patients to breath by stimulating diaphragm contractions, therefore creating natural breath instead of pumping air into the lungs with a machine. With this new therapy, the breathing muscle remains active and strong.