Quality Policy


HEMEX AG is committed to the delivery of safe and effective services to its customers that in turn develop products for patients and consumers in full compliance with regulatory requirements. Our quality policy includes:

  1. Ensuring strict compliance with relevant guidelines, national and international standards according to the state-of-the-art in the health care industry.
  2. Treating health, safety, and environmental protection as an integral part of our strategy.
  3. Manufacturing and supplying the best quality services to consistently meet customer needs.
  4. Managing records, documentation, and data in accordance with applicable regulations and keeping processes in place to escalate issues and to ensure product integrity and patient, consumer safety.
  5. Ensuring effective oversight of any third party carrying out work on behalf of HEMEX AG.
  6. Enhancing regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS).

This policy is implemented by means of ongoing improvements of HEMEX’s Quality Management System, which is monitored and reviewed regularly for its performance.

Reference Number: Q9002 / Version 2.0