A little bit of theory and lots of wholesome hands-on support will help you raise the required capital for your start-up.

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We offer 3 easy-to-understand packages to help you raise funds for your start-up.
One-stop-shop: our team covers all aspects of the fundraising process.
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When an entrepreneur is trying to raise funds, there is a lot of pressure resting on her to find the best ways to raise money and keep the start-up going. At HEMEX, we are on a mission; we want to help you successfully raise these funds you need, so your (ad)venture can reach its full potential. An effective fundraising process is the key to success, and with our tailored fundraising packages, we can help you get there!

As pharmaceutical and medtech consultants, we have in-depth understanding of what is needed to bring a project from a first concept to a commercial success, or as we call it “from green to gold”. Our bench-to-market expertise guarantees that all aspects of preclinical and clinical development, quality, regulatory, medical, legal, marketing & sales, and many other topics are covered.

At the same time, we have a strong network in the investor community. They trust us to use our expertise to pre-select the best 1% of all ideas, bring these to an “investable” level and showcase those projects during one of our Investor Events. In many cases, we also co-invest, generating additional confidence when we have skin in the game!

The point is not just to try to get funds from anywhere. You need investors who can relate to your values, and are willing to support you in good as well as bad times; they have to be a good fit for your start-up. To help you with this process, we have created these comprehensive fundraising packages.

Our Fundraising Packages

Basic Package

This is the package you should get before you start reaching out to new investors. We will have an in-depth look at your business case and -plan, and help you refine your pitch deck and teaser so that it is visually attractive and matches the latest trends of what is important for active investors. If you already have a business coach, we work with them. Ask us for more info, we have a group of coaches with whom we regularly work, offering maximum efficiency.

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We will help you structure your current investment round and look ahead to your next rounds. After all, you are supposed to grow the company and not be fundraising all the time.

Since we support 50-60 investment rounds per year, we can easily support you with all required documentation, like investment agreement, shareholders’ agreement, subscription forms, organizational rules, articles of association, and much more. We will explain you what options you can offer to your investors.

We will also actively help you to set up a high-end data room, streamline your cap table, and our notary and lawyers can help you finalize agreements and execute the capital increase.

If you are in the Innosuisse core coaching program, you can pay for this service with your coaching vouchers (in some cases also in the initial coaching). Let us know if you need free help applying for acceptance in the coaching program.
Duration: 8-30 hours

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Action Package

Once you have all your documents ready and have a precise idea of your financing needs, it is time to reach out to investors. Whether this is your first financing round ever, or you have already gone through a few rounds but got stuck this time, we can help you opening new doors.
Our development expertise gives reassurance to investors that your business idea is thoroughly vetted by us, and that your chances for success are more than just wishful thinking.

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We can help you create a long-list and a short-list of potential investors, as well as make “warm introductions” to investors in our network. Many of them have co-invested with us and had some attractive returns on their investment, which is why they are usually happy to look at “the next hot deal”.

After generating first interest with your future investors, we will guide you through the next steps of the Due Diligence process, and work with your lead investor on the deal structure and timelines, so that all parties get equally attractive conditions.

We regularly organize Investment Showcases, where carefully selected start-ups get the opportunity to pitch in front a global selection of active investors. Reach out to us if you would like to know more how to be selected for this event.
Duration: 30-100 hours

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Since no two start-up investment cases are ever the same, you can pick any or all of the above services according to your needs and budget. Whether you only need us to have a look at a term sheet that was proposed to you, or if you would us to support your fundraising round from A-Z, we are always there to help you along the way.

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Additionally, we offer the following standalone services:

  • Workshop “Fundraising and Investor Relations”

Our CEO Pascal Winnen is an Innosuisse-accredited Special Coach for Fundraising and Investor Relations. Start-ups in the Innosuisse coaching program can use their coaching vouchers to support their fundraising needs. 

Pascal is a co-founder of HEMEX with 20+ years of experience in investment coaching, executed 2 successful exits and has coached multiple life-science start-ups.

He serves as a Member of the Board in several start-ups and has a deep understanding in business and financials. He is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.

  • Due Diligence

We often support investment banks, family offices, venture capital firms as well as business angels with due diligence activities, based on our pharmaceutical and MedTech development expertise.

  • Board Membership

Not always do investors have the possibility to take a seat on your Board of Directors. In cases where an independent or Investor Director is required to represent the investors, we can delegate an experienced Board Member to assume this oversight role.

  • Investment Showcase

Four to six times a year, we organize invitation-only Pitch days, called “Investment Showcase,” where pre-selected start-ups get the opportunity to pitch in front of active early-stage investors. Thanks to Investment Showcase, in the last years we have successfully connected and participated in many financing rounds!

  • Lead Investor Role

Last but not least, more than one start-up founder has heard the phrase “I am interested, please come back when you have a lead investor”. Since HEMEX also invests in 5-6 promising projects every year, in selected cases we assume the lead investor role, or co-lead a round and support with technical Due Diligence.

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