Non-dilutive funding is fuel that enables your company to progress. It ensures your project moves forward, increases its value, and very importantly: no equity is given up! However, this process needs careful preparation and consideration.

Finding new possibilities and grants your company fits the criteria for can be challenging. So, let’s sit together, understand your needs and get started! The HEMEX team have the knowledge, skills, expertise and necessary flexibility to ensure that the process of grant development and submission is smooth and successful.

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Are you working day and night to make your vision come true and change the research landscape with your brilliant ideas?

You know your project has the potential to improve lives, but you are missing financial backing and the time to dedicate to this?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Grant writing is not an easy task, which is why we want to take this burden away from you and give you back your time to focus on your project whilst we do what we do best: make money for you!

Non-Dilutive Funding search

Looking for the ideal grants or awards takes a lot of time. We are specialized in unlocking non-dilutive funding for start-ups that is tailored to your project. In an initial phase, we will assess together what kind of grants you are looking for. Then we can collect the necessary data, align on your goals and objectives and how we can best achieve them. With the help of our established database, we will look for private or public funding possibilities to find the best match for your organization and develop a strategy plan with opportunities for the upcoming year.

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When you first start looking for a grant, you will very quickly find that there are many different types and variations of grants you can apply for. It is therefore a time consuming, yet crucial step to find the right grant. Applying for the best grants will strengthen your company, improve reputation and ultimately increase your chances of success by attracting other investors and positioning your company for awards.

One of the most important sources for non-dilutive funding are government funds. Thanks to our years of experience and working with institution such as Innosuisse in Switzerland and others across the EU we make sure to find the right program for you and your company. We know all about the required detail needed, deadlines and timeframes of evaluations.

Another option to receive non-dilutive funding are foundations and private nonprofit charities. Amongst these, you will find a range of big organizations and smaller local businesses. The difference however is not only in the size of these organizations but also in their focus. Some organizations have a broad spectrum of investments whilst other companies only focus on specific topics such as research on a particular disease or medical condition for example.

The important thing is that you do not have to worry about this. With the help of our established database, we will identify possible grants including determining what data is required. A thorough assessment will be needed to understand what information is available and what is missing to apply for the grant(s) you are looking for. Once this has been assessed, we will be able to find potential grants, awards, or pitching opportunities and establish clear timelines.

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Grant writing

We can write a full grant application tailored to the grant scope. Our grant writers bring scientific and business development expertise to the projects, and have a strong track record of being awarded large non-dilutive funding amounts which have proven to be game-changing for the start-ups.

Together with your team we will develop a grant writing plan and support you from start to finish.

What we offer

Project management

A grant application is not a one-day job and needs to be well structured and organized. Our in-house experts will make sure that all the relevant information can be gathered by guiding you through all action points needed from your side to minimize your workload during the process of the grant application.

Partner search/consortium formation

Having the right partners in projects with such an application requirement is of utmost importance. Through our network or via a profound search in Europe, we can suggest potential academic/industrial partners that are key for the application.

In addition, HEMEX is based in Switzerland, Germany and the US and can therefore also serve as an industrial partner for the grant application. HEMEX can support in the proposal with various tasks, such as with clinical project management (see CRO product). Please find our additional services here.

Writing part

An outstanding proposal is based on many aspects and having the right approach to tackle this is important. Our team can work with you to really showcase key areas, such as:

  • Emphasizing the main objectives with a clear rationale;
  • Writing non-technical text and transitions;
  • Reference management;
  • Graphic and design support;
  • Include relevant preliminary data;
  • Internal review;
  • External scientific or industry advice, where appropriate

When writing the grant, we will make it crystal clear why it is absolutely worth investing in your project and how you aim to achieve its realization. This will not only help you to explicitly outline how you proceed with your project but also to define clear goals for each and every step, including the amount of work involved.

It is very important that we add structure to your goals, ensuring that each and every one is realist and achievable to be successful. Many details rely on specific formulation and this is something our experts can help you with. It is also very important to think about what information might be beneficial to add to the grant application and what may not be needed. Sometimes too much information or preliminary information can cause more damage than good and we can support you in finding the right balance.

Grant management

We will oversee the grant application until the submission and post-approval. Thanks to our global network we can, if required, discuss important matters or issues with the grant officers and mentors who sit on funding panels to improve the application and increase your chances of success. Throughout this process, we will constantly keep you up to date and fill you in regarding next steps we plan to take with your grant application. We want to make sure, that we are on the same page. After the submission, we will keep informed about timelines for the revision process or any other post-approval objectives.  

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Review grant application

Have you already submitted a grant that wasn’t rewarded, or have you prepared a proposal that you do not think is submission-ready? Let us help you with that.

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The grant environment is an extremely competitive field since many smart people with great ideas need money to make their dreams come true. The key to success is to prove with your application that your idea is above average and has enormous potential to have a big and maybe even life-changing impact for certain people.

Our team has a well-trained eye to spot weaknesses and shortcomings in your (previous) application but also to point out and emphasize its strengths. We have many years of experience in a broad variety of research areas. We will review your application, discuss the main points with you, gather the missing information and then resubmit having invested our verified and trusted grant writing strategies and techniques to maximize your chances of success.

What we offer

  • Shaping your narrative to the incredible and irresistible story that it should tell.
  • We heavily focus on content, images, partner selection and financials and pay attention to all the fine details that makes the difference.
  • Expert guidance to strengthen your research proposal tailored to the funding agency.
  • Proofreading, by our medical writers and native speakers (German, English or French).
  • On request, reviewing only specific sections you are not sure about and aligning these with the rest of your application.
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