How do you support your community?

Child in creative learning environment

At Hemex we are committed to our community and are constantly looking for ways to give back. We are especially mindful of educational programs with a long-term positive impact. That’s why we back Advancience Ltd., who made it their misson to develop a new game-based assessment to diagnose ADHD in children. Additionally, we support Schule […]

DayOne supports 6 digital health startups

DayOne accelerator program for digital health startups

Following their hard work in developing innovative solutions that promote the health of children and young people, 6 digital health startups:Zoundream, Haako, Rekonas (eTomo), Wello Health, Virtual Doctors and Nutrix, were selected for DayOne Accelerator program, which is managed by At HEMEX, we are especially proud of our partners from Haako, Moritz Dietsche and […]