Scailyte wins Start JLM competition

Scailyte develops artificial intelligence technology to enable precision medicine and early detection of complex diseases. The company has won the Start JLM competition recently and will explore and experience Jerusalem’s vibrant startup ecosystem in November.

Start JLM gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect and benefit from interaction with prominent local tech leaders in Jerusalem in a 7-day immersive program, featuring interactive fireside chats and panels, specially designed how-to workshops, site visits at leading companies and exclusive networking meet-ups with the city’s start-up community.

This year, the focus of the competition was on life sciences. Eleven start-ups were selected for the finals, which took place at the Sachs Forum in Basel. The jury selected Scailyte as the winner because the company develops a highly innovative solution that can be used in important disease areas.

With its AI-based software ScaiVision, Scailyte aims to offer best-in-class performance for supervised pattern recognition analysis of single-cell data. The software will accelerate the analysis of single-cell data from weeks to days. “ScaiVision will be commercialized as a cloud-based software for biomedical research and pharmaceutical discovery from Q1-2019. Moreover, we are also providing our ScaiBmd – Biomarker Discovery service, for which we partner with pharmaceutical companies and support them alongside during their drug development process by offering our technology and knowledge to shorten and improve their drug discovery efforts”, explains Anna Dimitrova, Head of Operations & Finance at Scailyte.

Early Access Program started
The company already signed up nine potential customers to its Early Access Program to have them test and give their input during the beta version phase, before officially launching in 2019. Scailyte is starting its first clinical study with the University Hospital of Zurich, sponsored with CHF 250K by Innosuisse. Moreover, the start-up has conducted various Proof-of-Concepts, one of which with a leading clinical research center in Berlin. In addition, the team is currently in negotiations with leading blue-chip companies for the biomarker discovery service.

Regarding the trip to Israel, Anna Dimitrova says: “The opportunity of spending one week in Israel would allow us to establish long-lasting relationships with top level entrepreneurs, investors and leaders. Having the chance to meet, engage and potentially partner with companies in Israel would help us in establishing Scailyte as a global player in the Healthcare AI market.”

The other finalists of Start JLM included: Endotelix (diagnostic tests and therapies for Antiphospolipid Sydrome, APS); Spheropbotics (novel antibiotic compounds); Qnami (quantum solutions based on diamond material to improve diagnostics tools such as MRI scanners); SunRegen Healthcare (drug development, lead compound for treatment of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS); Anaveon (therapeutic antibodies for tumor immunotherapy); (cloud-based, integrated and personalized digital health platform); Vasa (feminine hygiene products); Alibion (treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis); Axalbion (compound for treatment of Chronic Cough); Artidis (nanomechanical diagnostic tool for tissue diagnotics).