BioReperia wins Swissbiolabs Award 2019

At the Swiss Diagnostics Startup Day in Olten, our portfolio company BioReperia won the 1st prize of the jury and the 2nd prize awarded by an audience of industry professionals.

Congratulations to the winner of the Swissbiolabs Challenge 2019, Dr. Anna Fahlgren, runner-ups Marc Moghbel and Karim Brandt and 3rd place Dr. Christian Vogler for their innovative business ideas and inspiring presentations!

About BioReperia

Bioreperia is a Swedish company, located at Linköpings University, that increases the success rate in clinical trials using zebrafish models. BioReperia’s researchers have more than 10 years experience developing and using zebrafish models for medical research including toxicology and tumor biology. Its models are today widely used in both academic and industrial research and drug development projects around the globe.

About Hemex

Hemex supports start-ups as well as established medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of expertise, either in-house or via their network of dedicated partners and affiliates. Hemex’ experts have several decades of combined experience in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry with pivotal contributions to the development and approval of innovative products. Hemex supports companies in their interactions with the investor community and also offers interesting collaboration programs, including public and private seed funding. 

More pictures of the event can be found here