Sleepiz wins 50’000 CHF at W. A. De Vigier startup competition

Our portfolio company Sleepiz won a 50’000 CHF prize (including alumni contribution) at this year’s 30th anniversary edition of the W. A. De Vigier Foundation startup competition. Congratulations to Soumya and and the entire Sleepiz team! 

About Sleepiz

Untreated sleep apnea patients suffer from a multitude of diurnal and nocturnal symptoms, such as loud snoring, sleepiness, irritability, headaches, insomnia, and difficulties to concentrate. These alone lead to productivity loss and significantly increase the risk of provoking car accidents. Moreover, unmanaged disease put patients in danger of developing hypertension, obesity, heart disease, depression, and stroke. This affects not only the health and wellbeing, but also creates a huge economic burden for the employers and the healthcare system.

Sleepiz makes diagnosis easy, comfortable and accessible.

About Hemex

Hemex supports start-ups as well as established medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of expertise, either in-house or via their network of dedicated partners and affiliates. Hemex’ experts have several decades of combined experience in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry with pivotal contributions to the development and approval of innovative products. Hemex supports companies in their interactions with the investor community and also offers interesting collaboration programs, including public and private seed funding. 

More pictures of the event can be found here