Rapid Testing For Acute COVID-19

Reliable, fast and cost effective, are the attributes of the new COVID-19 testing kits that will be launched shortly by ender diagnostics ag.

The recently incorporated Swiss start-up ender diagnostics can rely on a skilled and experienced team of scientists and entrepreneurs, developing molecular biological rapid tests for infectious diseases. The ender testing kit provides rapid and reliable results for acute COVID–19. Capable of diagnosing multiple samples at once and within just 30 minutes, their first of 3 products “ender LAB”  can diagnose several hundred samples simoultaneously,  and  will thus reduce the time needed to get a reliable diagnosis significantly.

PR_ender LAB_20200506_EN


HEMEX supports the ender team with clinical, regulatory and marketing services. HEMEX’s regulatory experts will support with the CE-certifification of the test as an in vitro diagnostic medical device under the European In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR). 

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