No more trauma on Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices

On HEMEX’s Investment Showcase today we tackled the pain, bleeding, and tissue tear that women worldwide experience when undergoing common gynaecological procedures. Our portfolio company ASPIVIX is developing the next-generation suction-based cervical device that will improve these traumatic experiences.

Artificial Intelligence To Monitor And Predict Treatment Adherence

HEMEX’s Investment Showcase featured today TOM Medications. The digital health company has developed the app that will make easier the lives of millions of patients with chronic diseases at an early stage.

The Pragmatic Guide To Reporting your Clinical Trial Results

The final 3 steps that will enable you to conclude your clinical development process. Find out how can you thoroughly REPORT your study results with HEMEX Contract Research Organization!

VetMed: Our HEMEX Commitment to Animal Health

As a results-driven company, HEMEX is dedicated to improving the lives of animals, people, and the planet. Today, we are really excited to formally announce the launch of a new series of HEMEX programs to drive change by welcoming cutting-edge ideas to the global Animal Health market.

Introducing you to our Contract Research Organization

The New Year is an exciting time as we all focus on goals and resolutions. At HEMEX, we are focused on bringing you solutions at each critical step of the clinical development of your product. Together we can generate the accurate evidence needed for success!